A Guide to Choosing a New Fence

A Guide to Choosing a New Fence

Ensuring the exterior of your property looks just as good as the interior is important, whether you want to put your house on the market or you simply want to feel comfortable in your surroundings. While taking good care of your garden is a simple way to ensure your property looks great, you can also do other things that need less on-going care such as erect a new fence or add a gate to the entrance of your driveway.

These types of jobs are best left to a professional company, as attempting to put up a fence or a gate isn’t easy if you’re unskilled. You can choose between all kinds of fences, from aluminium wood look fencing to slat or Colorbond fences, and using the right type of fence to match the style of your property is a great way to add value to your home.

Fence Styles

Here are some of the most popular types of fence that you can have installed around your home:

  • Colorbond.
  • Aluminium slats.
  • Aluminium wood look slats.
  • Slatted screens.
  • Infill panels.

How much privacy you want will affect which style you choose and you will also need to consider your budget, what colour you want the fence to be, what material you want it to be made from and the area where you want to erect the fence.

How to Choose a Fence

Some people will choose to get a high fence with no slats to create a private and secure space, while others may prefer a slightly lower fence that lets some natural light through, and which style you choose should be based on your own personal preference. It is important to install a fence that offers good value for money, so do some research to ensure that the style of fence you choose to install is strong and durable in all weather conditions, and this can be done by contacting a specialist fencing company such as The Fence King or by doing some online research of your own.


As well as having a fence erected, you might want to also add a new gate to improve the appearance and the functionality of your property. How secure you want the gate to be is a matter of preference and you can choose to have a gate that opens outwards or inwards, depending on the space.

Here are a few of the different styles of gate that you can fit onto any home:

  • A side gate that leads to the back garden.
  • A gate at the front of the driveway that can manage who is allowed onto the property.
  • A small gate that separates a swimming pool from the garden.
  • A gate that leads to an outdoor area such as a rubbish bin or shed.

You can choose between tall and short gates, and it is up to you whether or not you want the gate to feature an additional security feature such as a padlock.

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