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Looking for colorbond fencing installation in Perth? The Fence King provides professional colorbond fencing installation services in Perth at an affordable price. For a free quote or cost of colorbond fencing installation in Perth contact us now! Selecting a fence for your house is a big thing. It is not just how amazing the fence of your house looks which matters, but also how well it performs its job. Some other factors include how much effort, energy and time it takes to make sure that it stays and performs the task. If you are looking to get the look and safety you want, then it is time you need to connect with The Fence King who is the master of colorbond fencing in Perth. We have a huge variety of colours to choose from and you can easily get the fence that matches your home colour.



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The Fence King is considered as one of the best colorbond fencing contractors in Perth. When you choose The Fence King, you are going to get experienced, professional and best in the industry colorbond fencing contractors in Perth. All our colorbond fencing contractors are professionally trained and have the expertise to provide you with top-notch colorbond fencing installation service in Perth.

Each colour used by our professional colorbond fencing contractors in Perth has been inspired by the beautiful backyard of Australia. Therefore, in case you need colours which are bold or subtle, cool or warm, or light or dark, you will find it all here. You can get a variety of colorbond fencing colours at an affordable price with The Fence King. For that typical blend of colours, you are looking to get for the natural charm of your garden in your home; you can easily get that with The Fence King at an affordable colorbond fencing Perth price. The fencing comes in a great range of panel designs and styles and with its glossy lines; it looks great on both the sides of the fence. If installed aptly, it won’t really have any kind of gaps vertically and also any kind of visible footholds or loose palings won’t be there. You can also select the gate design or fence you want and eventually can get it personalised by adding slats, post caps and lattice.

Colorbond Fence Installation Process Explained

The way we install the colorbond fencing is designed to withstand most weather conditions. At The Fence King, we ensure that your fence is cemented further into the ground with more concrete than our competitors.

The points below detail how The Fence King ensures a stronger Colorbond fencing installation in Perth which will last longer than it usually does:

STEP 1 – Marking Out Your Post Holes

All holes should be straight and sides parallel or wider at the bottom than the top.

STEP 2 – Securing Posts

STEP 3 – Installing Infill Sheets

  • Insert bottom rail between posts to determine exact locations of next post
  • Adjust bottom rail to correct height – it is relevant to maintain a minimum gap of 50mm between the bottom of rail & ground
  • Screw fix the rails at this stage
  • Place top rail into post & fix with self-drilling screws on both sides of posts. Ensure that the self-drilling screws are not fully tightened, as they need to be removed when inserting sheets. Ensure the position of the top rail is protruding 2mm above the top of the posts to reduce the risk of injury
  • Continue this procedure until fence length is achieved
  • Allow the concrete to cure overnight. Note: Longer curing period may be required in very cold and/or wet weather
  • Unscrew top rail & remove.
  • Fit infill sheets into bottom rail ensuring correct lap
  • Place top rail on infill sheets, working from one end to the other, locating the profile in the rail. A gentle tap with a rubber mallet may help
  • Secure the top rail with self-drilling screws on both sides
  • Hose down with good water pressure when finished to remove any swarf such as drill filings or remnants from the nibbling process

Why Choose us for Colorbond Fence Installation in Perth

There are many colorbond fencing contractors in Perth but what makes us better is we put what extra effort is needed to make your fence installed properly. Below are some points that make our colorbond fence installation services in Perth better than what many colorbond fencing contractors provide in Perth.

  1. CEMENTING POST – We cement posts into the sand base to a depth of 0.9 Meters whereas our competitors will only place posts to a depth of 0.6 Meters.
  2. 4 CEMENT BAGS PER POST HOLE – We use 4 bags of cement per post hole; however, our competitors use just 1 or 2 cement bags per post hole.
  3. STRONGER & SECURE WALLS – When cementing posts into a limestone wall our competitors will only place posts to a depth of 0.3 meters whereas we do it to a depth of 0.6 meters. This doesn’t just secure the first block but also the next block below, bonding the 2 layers of limestone together to prevent the collapse of the wall.
  1. EXTRA STEEL POST FOR EXTRA STRENGTH – Fence that is more than 2.4 meters tall and are in high wind areas, we make them stronger by placing extra steel; posts between each panel. Our competitors might not use steel posts but just cement to less depth.
  2. BESPOKE COLORBOND GATES – All our colorbond gates are personalized in a warehouse using a fully welded powder coated steel frame with top quality materials. Many of our competitors will use flimsy D.I.Y. on site constructed gates which will warp, twist and sag over time.
  3. STRONG AND STABLE FENCE – To ensure the fence in strong and stable, we let the colorbond posts cement overnight and then change the sheets the next day. This ensures that the posts will not be disturbed by the winds during the settling process and keeps the fence straight and secure. Some of our competitors will place the posts & sheets on the same day which can result in an unstable and weak fence.

Above steps that we follow will ensure that your fence is installed properly to last longer and stronger.

Colorbond Fence Installation Cost or Price per Metre in Perth

Cost of installing colorbond fencing per metre in Perth can be anywhere between $11.00 and $40.00, relying on the style and size of each panel. Other costs for installing colorbond fence includes fixings, post caps and cement. The colorbond fence installation prices in Perth along with the pedestrian gates cost around $495 (installed) and double car gates cost around $1295 (installed).

We have genuine Colorbond fencing 1.8m high on limestone walls — 20 colours to choose from. Don’t pay extra for core drilling! Blue Scope Steel guarantees the performance of fencing made from Colorbond steel with a 10-year warranty on rails, posts, and infill sheets.

*From $70/lm Fully Installed 1.8m High

*Free Single Colorbond Gate with every 150lm installed — or half price for every 100lm installed.

  • From 1lm – 5lm from $110 fully installed
  • Between 5lm and 10lm from $90 fully installed
  • Between 10lm and 20lm from $90 fully installed
  • Between 20lm and 30lm from $85 fully installed
  • Between 30lm and 50lm from $80 fully installed
  • Between 50lm and 100lm from $75 fully installed
  • Over 100lm from $70 fully installed

If you happen to find a cheaper quote for installing colorbond fencing in Perth, we’ll beat it by 5%. *Conditions apply.

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We understand the cost and the quality of service can be a big factor when it comes to choosing the colorbond fencing contractors for colorbond fencing installation in Perth. With The Fence King, you can rest assured that the pricing will be affordable for you with no compromise with the quality of service. For more information related to service, cost, price or quote for colorbond fencing installation services in Perth contact our professional colorbond fencing contractors now!

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There are other pre-painted steel products out there that look the same, but don’t necessarily perform the same. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor who provides genuine Colorbond fencing Joondalup wide… Then The Fence King is the man for you!

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What Should I Replace My Storm Damaged Fence With?

Colorbond fencing is the gold standard fence choice for affordability, strength and durability. They also look great and are available in a wide range of colours to suit all homes.

How Do I Get A Quote For My Fencing Needs?

Give us a call today to arrange a free on site measure and quote, usually one of our team members will be on site within 48hrs of your request. Call us today on 0421 105 455 to make an appointment.

Is All Colorbond Fencing The Same?

No, the general name for steel fencing is Colorbond, but not all installers use genuine Bluescope Colorbond fencing material. Only half of Perth’s Colorbond Fencing suppliers actually supply genuine Bluescope Steel fencing. Both products look the same but are not the same quality. All our posts are printed with the Bluscope Steel logo and all our infill sheets are engraved with the Colorbond logo (although difficult to see with the naked eye). The difference between genuine Bluescope Steel fencing and the cheaper competitors is the guarantee you will receive. Bluescope Steel has been tested for over 30 years in Australian conditions and when installed correctly is guaranteed not to fade or rust, for 10 years. Bluescope Steel fencing is competitively priced making it an easy decision to install a superior product.

What Questions Should I Ask My Contractor When Getting A Quote?

Do you install genuine Colorbond fencing? Other imported products will fade and rust overtime.

How deep do you cement the posts and how many bags of cement per hole? See Why Choose Us for more details.

Do you take your rubbish away with you? The Fence King will take all our rubbish and leave your property clean and tidy.

Do you place the Colorbond sheets and posts in the same day? Immediate installation of sheets causes wind to interfere with concrete setting, resulting in a weak and uneven fence. See Why Choose Us for more details.