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Aluminium Slat Fence Infills. 38mm, 65mm or 100mm slats — Lots of colours to choose from.

From $180/sqm Fully Installed!

Aluminium Slat Gates

Standard height 1800mm, 65mm slats and 12mm gabs between slats.
Fully lockable and self closing hinges. (Any colour or 4 wood grain colours, see below)

From $800 Fully Installed!  (Up to 800mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $900 Fully Installed! (Up to 1000mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $1000 Fully Installed! (Up to 1200mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $1200 Fully Installed! (Up to 1400mm Wide X 1800mm High)

From $1400 Fully Installed! (Up to 1800mm Wide X 1800mm High)

Gate Infill Panels from $200 Fully Installed!
*All Gates come standard with 50×50, 65×65 or 90×90 posts depending on the gate size, hd self closing hinges, double sided key lock and matching handle. *Over $295 worth of FREE value.



    Type of work required?

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    Why Are Aluminium Slat Fences Better by The Fence King?

    Are you looking for a perimeter fence that is sturdy, low maintenance, and modern looking? Then The Fence King’s aluminium slat fencing is the right choice for you. We have innovative fencing solutions that can fit your requirements. We can install the aluminium slat fencing both horizontally and vertically to create a fantastic looking fence while providing security to your home or business.

    Aluminium Slat Fencing Benefits & Features

    Aluminium slat fencing Perth can be custom-built to match your size and space requirements. We can design your slat fence to allow you visual control inside and outside your property. For your front garden fencing, we recommend thin slats with wide spaces in between to give you a better view outside your property. For back gardens which require more privacy, full panel fencing is the more appropriate.

    The position of the slats adds flair to your property. Horizontal slats work well with modern buildings, while vertical slats resemble heritage style picket fences.

    The Fence King’s aluminium slat fencing is powder-coated with your choice of 4 colors. This method of painting is far more durable than traditional hand painting and lasts much longer also can check our colorbond fence installation perth service.

    Our aluminium slat fencing can also be matched with out custom-built aluminium slat gates to provide you with maximum security protection.

    The Fence King adheres to local councils’ stringent guidelines and will also guide you through the intricacies of the legislative requirements to make sure that you adhere to all fencing provisions.

    Give Your Home Street Appeal with Fencing
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    What Should I Replace My Storm Damaged Fence With?

    Colorbond fencing is the gold standard fence choice for affordability, strength and durability. They also look great and are available in a wide range of colours to suit all homes.

    How Do I Get A Quote For My Fencing Needs?

    Give us a call today to arrange a free on site measure and quote, usually one of our team members will be on site within 48hrs of your request. Call us today on 0421 105 455 to make an appointment.

    Is All Colorbond Fencing The Same?

    No, the general name for steel fencing is Colorbond, but not all installers use genuine Bluescope Colorbond fencing material. Only half of Perth’s Colorbond Fencing suppliers actually supply genuine Bluescope Steel fencing. Both products look the same but are not the same quality. All our posts are printed with the Bluscope Steel logo and all our infill sheets are engraved with the Colorbond logo (although difficult to see with the naked eye). The difference between genuine Bluescope Steel fencing and the cheaper competitors is the guarantee you will receive. Bluescope Steel has been tested for over 30 years in Australian conditions and when installed correctly is guaranteed not to fade or rust, for 10 years. Bluescope Steel fencing is competitively priced making it an easy decision to install a superior product.

    What Questions Should I Ask My Contractor When Getting A Quote?

    Do you install genuine Colorbond fencing? Other imported products will fade and rust overtime.

    How deep do you cement the posts and how many bags of cement per hole? See Why Choose Us for more details.

    Do you take your rubbish away with you? The Fence King will take all our rubbish and leave your property clean and tidy.

    Do you place the Colorbond sheets and posts in the same day? Immediate installation of sheets causes wind to interfere with concrete setting, resulting in a weak and uneven fence. See Why Choose Us for more details.